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What We Offer for Collections


DOT and Non-DOT Urine and Breath Collections

Rapid Swab (Saliva) Collections

Lab Based Swab (Saliva) Collections

Rapid Result Urine Collections

On-Site Collections

After Hours Collections

What We Offer for IdentoGO


HME Fingerprinting for Hazmat Endorsments

TWIC Fingerprinting 

TSA Pre Check Fingerprinting

Birth Certify

Passport Photos

Pre Enroll @

or come on we take walk-ins as well on a first come first serve basis

About Us


Locally owned and operated.

We strive for perfection.

We have great work ethics.

We are self driven, and career motivated. 

We have a drive for success yours as well as ours.

Contract Specials


We offer discounts on contracts based on your companies needs.

Discount #1 - 6 month Contract 10% off per invoice.

Discount #2 - 1 year Contract 20% off per invoice.

Discount #3 - Multiple test per invoice (20+) wave fuel mileage

Discount #4 - Bulk Testing with contract (20+) 50% off travel expense

New Business


We are excited to serve our community.  We hope to be an asset to our fellow business's as well as our community.



Q - Are you offering finger printing for Hazmats?

A- We will be adding that to our services as soon as we receive our equipment and training.  Should be in December.